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NIROG SUKH is, today, the most popular, Hindi bi-monthly magazine in India, which was started in 1989.
Attraction for Ayurveda is gaining strength, day by day, not only in India but abroad also. The idea of knowing and understanding this system, is now kindled in every heart, and this inquisitiveness is leading to adopting of Ayurvedic medicines and its age-old curing methods, all over.
NIROG SUKH is there to cater to the needs of such people, as it is a journal based on Ayurveda, which provides ample, useful, time honored and diversified material on Ayurveda, including the latest developments.
Therefore, NIROG SUKH has spear - headed to No. 1 among family health magazines on the scale of popularity in India.
An informative and purposeful magazine.

  • Nirogsukh Publications have 75% urban and 25% rural readers.
  • Nirogsukh’s readers are comprising of well educated upper and middle class people who  are aware of our heritage and Ayurvedic concepts.
  • Nirogsukh reached out to 35% businessmen, 40% housewives/mothers and 25%  young readers.
  • Nirogsukh is no. 1 among Ayurvedic magazines & the largest selling health magazine  in India.

Publication Details

Frequency        :    Bimonthly  (Two extra issue as a Half yearly and yearly)
Printing process    :        Photo Offset
Language        :    Hindi
Material Required    :    Artwork/Artpull Positives
Bleed Advertisement:- Please provide 0.5 cm. Extra for cutting in Bleed advertisement. The above size denotes the actual size for cutting mark.

Published as follows  [ Edition }

January - February, March-April, May-June, July-August,  September-October & November - December

Two Special Issues:

* Ladies Special- Half yearly (In February Month)
* Sex Special - Yearly issue (In August Month)

Both are  available minimum six month on Book Stall

Its Silent Features :

1. This periodical is most popular among ladies and gents of upper and middle classes.
2. Its every issue is now a special issue devoted to a particulars interesting topic.
3. It covers maximum number of pages with informative and useful material.
4. It is both attractive and artful with a fine getup and a pleasing title-cover.
5. It is printed on fine, durable, paper in good font.
6. It is popular both in India and abroad and is gaining new ground day by day.
7. The reason behind its popularity and tremendous success, besides its coverage, and its singular presentation, is our special services and feed back of our readers.
8.Special Services:
(1) We have set up a “Hello Vaidya Ji “ free consultation service on ailments on phone and , in person, by a qualified Vaidya. This is a unique service of its kind in India.
(2) We provide e-mail consultation service at our
e-mail address: and on website.
9.Its coverage includes all fields:- Ayurvedic, Naturopathy, Homoeopathy, Yoga, Health and Beauty etc., with special concentration on Ayurveda.
10.We give best response to our Advertisers.